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I Think You’re Enjoying This Too Much

I was watching an investigative news show and one of the stories was about a guy who ran a school for porno actors. Now this is something I never gave much thought to. I always assumed that porno actors got their training on the job. You know they walked in and the producer would say […]

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Another Headonthetable one liner

Now I don’t want to say that my dog, Wrigley, is stupid, but the other day I took him to Pet Smart and they told me that he had to wait outside.

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Sally Goos (Part 2 /The Last Chapter)

    “Look.” Sally said to Will and Bob “You stupid hicks did alright for yourselves. Agreed? Yeah I know you’re still questioning the money, but you just made real money, you’ll see, and it’s more money than you would have had the brain power to make between the two of you over the next 30 […]

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Sally Goos (Part 1)

Will and Bob’s Pub was a restored western dance hall saloon in Knarley Nebaska (not a typo. I made up my own state) and as usual the place was packed. On stage Sally Goos wobbled about on stiff wooden legs, her long, scraggly red hair swinging from side to side, wearing a short black and […]

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Red Riding Hood

OK, I just watched the movie Red Riding hood with Amanda Seyfried and I’m not going to review the movie, but I am going to review the party that they had in the movie, and all I have to say is that these people knew how to party.   It was a little debase and […]

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