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Beyonce Runs the World?

Written By: Sy - Jul• 25•11

I overheard a couple of girls in the family talking about a  Beyonce song called, “Run the World (Girls).” They both agreed that they hated the song. One of them started mocking the song singing “girls run the world, girls run the world, sheesh.”

 So even though I don’t know the song, I felt compelled to stick my two cents worth in and I commented, “Yeah, what’s her problem anyway.”

 “I don’t know.” one of them said.

But maybe they would have liked the song if it had been made more relatable. Maybe Beyonce should have called it “Girls “Could” run the world, if not for “Men”  or maybe “Girls Can Run the World (except when we’re PMSing, in which case we can’t even control ourselves) or maybe “Girls Can Run the World in Spite of Our Hormonal Problems like Crying at the drop of a hat, Postpartum Depression, General Depression…etc (god, who am I kidding. Just let me die).

 But to really get the point across all she actually had to sing would be “Maybe girls don’t runt he world but we definitely run “that guy” down there, and that’s pretty much the same thing.


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    Pffft! Just hopped over to share this with you (if you haven’t already:

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