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Three Easy Jokes and a One Liner

Written By: Sy - Jul• 19•11

There are three types of  jokes that are relatively easy to make, but you have to be careful and not make them too often.

The first is jokes about gays, but if I posted every gay crack I thought of gay people would get all bitchy and mad and say that I’m homophobic, because gay people are just sooooo sensitive.

The second is jokes about cops, but cops are also soooo sensitive, even more so than the gays, like one time this cop comes to my house and asks if I want to donate to the Policeman’s Memorial Fund, so I say “What? These fuckers are dead and they’re still looking for handouts, don’t you guys ever quit?”  He doesn’t even laugh. He just stares at me like I committed some kind of crime. I end up giving him fifty dollars (his suggestion), and sure enough, thirty went in his pocket and only twenty went in the collection tin.

The third is jokes about women, but if you overdue that, it ends up looking like you have some kind of ax to grind against them, when it’s actually just a bone, which finally brings us to the one liner.

“What did the Chinese prostitute say when she had her first black customer?”


So was it worth the wait?

Yeah, I thought it was too.


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