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Domtar Meets the Bone Sandwich

Each swing of his battle hammer brought the smaller man closer to death, for the strong young warrior’s arm was beginning to tire while his savage, hulking adversary seemed possessed of limitless strength. The two combatants squared off beyond the iron bars of a makeshift arena carved into the rock of a mountainside. Originally built as […]

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Beyonce Runs the World?

I overheard a couple of girls in the family talking about a  Beyonce song called, “Run the World (Girls).” They both agreed that they hated the song. One of them started mocking the song singing “girls run the world, girls run the world, sheesh.”  So even though I don’t know the song, I felt compelled to […]

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Three Easy Jokes and a One Liner

There are three types of  jokes that are relatively easy to make, but you have to be careful and not make them too often. The first is jokes about gays, but if I posted every gay crack I thought of gay people would get all bitchy and mad and say that I’m homophobic, because gay […]

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Let’s Get it On

What do you call a group of US Marshalls sitting around back at the office after a lunch of hotdogs and beans? Mixed Marshall farts.

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