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Mother’s Day, Happy and Otherwise

Written By: Sy - May• 08•11

I got up today and thought why not blog about Mother’s Day? So I tried to search for unusual gifts and stories to talk about, but couldn’t find much. A little disappointing. But here’s what I did find.

Happy Mothers Day 2011 A site called Romance by You, where you can co-author a personalized romance novel up to 200 pages. I thought that was kind of cool.

An adult store chain called the Den who reports that mothers day is their 3rd biggest sales day of  the year, behind Valentines Day and Christmas, for gift certificates, lingerie and top of the line vibrators.

Then I found the story of a 19 yr old who in 2005, raped his 45 yr old, drunk and asleep on the couch, mother after an argument with his brother (some kids will do anything for attention), and lastly, the feel good story of a 69yr old rapist in Spain who was convicted of the rape of a 13 yr old girl in 1998, and was let out of prison on a three day pass in 2006. He ran into the girl’s mother on the street and taunted her about the rape, asking how her daughter was, then headed into a bar.

The mother got a can of gasoline, walked into the bar, doused him and set him on fire. He died 11 days later in the hospital. The woman was arrested and ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination, but due to privacy laws her name could not be released, so I don’t know the outcome, but I want her to know that I think she did the right thing and I hope, by now, she’s having a happy mother’s day along with all of the other deserving, nurturing mother’s.

Wonder what I’ll find when I start looking for Father’s Day stuff? I’ll let you know.

Mother`s ...Mother`s ...Mother`s ...Mother`s ...Mother`s ...Mother`s ...

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