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One Liner #3

“Now I know why it’s’ called off-roading, because all of the dirt ends up off of the road and on my truck.”

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One Liners

I don’t understand why they arrest hookers in Las Vegas, I thought slot machines were legal there.

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Head On The Table – One Liners

So first my wife wanted and iPod and now she wants an iPad, so I say “Why, is your iPod having it’s period?”

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The Chicken Scratcher

  At age 84 Roger Pulpit had accomplished enough of his life’s goals to feel fairly satisfied with himself and he harbored few regrets.   Anymore, the only thing that mattered to him was the love he shared with his wife, Connie, and today was a special day, it was her 78th birthday.   It […]

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Mother’s Day, Happy and Otherwise

I got up today and thought why not blog about Mother’s Day? So I tried to search for unusual gifts and stories to talk about, but couldn’t find much. A little disappointing. But here’s what I did find. A site called Romance by You, where you can co-author a personalized romance novel up to 200 […]

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