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Stand-Up Women

There are men who do not like women comedians. I knew one guy like this. He said that he didn’t think women should do stand-up comedy. The only time I make blanket statements like that is when it comes to things like killing, stealing, or raping under the wrong circumstances, but not comedy. A sense […]

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Don’t Get Me Wrong

Yesterday I saw a commercial for the tv show, The Doctors, and the topic was going to be about the difference between the way men and women think. Sounds like some good entertainment, but, sometimes knowing the reason for things takes the humor out of them, so no way I’m watching this, besides that, women […]

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Sorry About the Picture

  I don’t know this girl, but she was the bartender at the bar we were at last night. So, we’re in the back room throwing darts and Chuck says he’s going up front to get a round and asks what do I want? So I tell him I want a shot of 1800 and a picture […]

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Two Red Planets

I was thinking about doing a panel about Bruno Mars. Just about how much I envy him for being so young, good looking and talented. Tonight, though, I watched some of the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards and was  moved in a couple of other directions. The first came from Blake Shelton, with a song I’m […]

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When The Monkeys Fish

Whether by ocean, air, space, or thought, it is the purpose of the journey that is important, not the means by which we arrive.    I had come all at once, in thought as well as in distance. No one part of me longed for what I had left behind, nor feared where I had come to be. I surveyed the land off of my […]

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