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The Royal Wedding

Written By: Sy - Apr• 30•11



“What did the man say when he caught his wife and his best friend having sex?”  “Bad Dog!”

 Sorry, I was still thinking about Juke.

 So, as far as the Royal Wedding goes, my wife and a friend of hers watched it at our house at 2am. They drank mimosas and made finger sandwiches. Another friend of their’s declined to come and chastized them for gawking at the garish display of unearned wealth.

I’m sure we can all appreciate both of these points of view. There will always be animosity toward the rich by the less fortunate, and especially toward the rich who had their wealth bestowed upon them, but that’s not what the wedding was about.

For women the wedding was about the whole princess fantasy. Having station and being pampered for life.

For men, on the other hand, it’s pretty much about nothing. No man ever fantasizes about being a prince when he’s a boy. There’s no sport to it, there’s no challenge and there’s none of the political backstabbing and mud-slinging associated with elected officials, because there’s no election.

You’re only a figurehead, a mascot, like Colonel Sanders, Mr. Met or Benny the Bull.

File:Benn... MR.MET Wa...   colonel-s...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It’s not that guys don’t want the wealth. It’s just that when we think about ways to get it, this isn’t exactly our first choice.

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  1. psychodoodle says:

    i like the way you introduced the pics of the mascots there… my mum watched too, while i was at the PC and she kept saying look at that and look at that and oh look at that and look look at that… so i just found it easier to go sit and watch… and after over 40 mins of watching the crowd move towards the ultimate royal wedding climax of seeing the couple do the traditional wave from the balcony, and when it was just time for them to make the grand appearance, the local channel we were watching on put NEWS. Their hourly news. And by the time that was done and they went back to showing the ‘balcony scene’ the couple was already at it – waving that is. Sigh… well anyway… Yup true that, you dont get wanna-be princes… hmmm…

    • Sy says:

      Was the lead news story about the wedding? That would be funny, if the broke away from the actual wedding to a report of the wedding.
      Guys really do want to be princes in the romantic sense of the word, just not in the literal sense

  2. psychodoodle says:

    😛 i cant remember what it was, coz i started throwing a fit… hey did u watch Megamind? i only watched it recently and it was super awesome….

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