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Of Dogs and Men

Written By: Sy - Apr• 23•11

  I don’t get why anyone would put money in a tip cup next to a cash register, but I  constantly see money in these cups.

  Maybe the people behind the register are putting the money in there to make it look like there are customers who are stupid enough to tip them for ringing up their order, but other than that, I don’t know why anyone would.

  Also, who is stupid enough to save pennies? I know this sounds a little harsh, but again, I don’t get it. I see people in the supermarket pouring change, including pennies into these counting machines that charge them for counting their coins, then give them a coupon to redeem for the rest of their money.

  This is like having a savings account that charges you interest. It’s small change for Christs sake. Spend it. Get the full value.

  The other thing I notice is that the store always places these change counting machines next to the lottery machines. That has to be by design. These stores engage in all kinds of merchandise placing shennanigans, so this has to follow suit. Maybe they want to embarrass the change savers for resorting to saving pennies and nickles while other people are throwing away dollars, or maybe they want to embarrass the lottery players for not being thrifty, who knows.

  So, since I don’t have a good rap-up for this post, I’ll just throw in that my dog, Wrigley (below), got a boner at the vet’s the other day while the vet’s assistant was rubbing the sides of his head and telling him what a good dog he is.

  She had him up on the table and was looking in his face, so she didn’t see it, but I was sitting in a chair to the side and there it came, redder and thicker than I would have thought. Never saw him do that before, it was pretty disgusting. I was about to distract him when it went back in.

  Well, at least I know he enjoyed his check-up.


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  1. Troi says:

    i think if the dog post was separate and titled something like “Dog Boner”, it’d get a lot more reads.

    • Sy says:

      Ya know Troi, it might be hard to tell, but I’m really trying to attract a higher caliber mindset than that.

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