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The Royal Wedding

    “What did the man say when he caught his wife and his best friend having sex?”  “Bad Dog!”  Sorry, I was still thinking about Juke.  So, as far as the Royal Wedding goes, my wife and a friend of hers watched it at our house at 2am. They drank mimosas and made finger […]

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This story I e-mailed out last summer and got mixed reactions to. Nothing really sparked it’s writing, it’s just kind of, guy humor. A couple of people liked it, one showed it to some of his friends, two others said “good story,” two more had no comment and the last guy said that he couldn’t believe […]

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Of Dogs and Men

  I don’t get why anyone would put money in a tip cup next to a cash register, but I  constantly see money in these cups.   Maybe the people behind the register are putting the money in there to make it look like there are customers who are stupid enough to tip them for ringing up their […]

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The Ten Commandments

  Since Easter is coming up, I thought that I would talk about the movie The Ten Commandments.  You must see this movie at least once. It is a grand spectacle.  A masterpiece of movie making. Charlton Heston, the actor who played Moses, is superb. You have to see it at least one time in your […]

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The Kids Rule, What Else Can I Say

I’m going to tell a couple of stories about one of my kids. I know, everybody likes to talk about their kids and the rest of us just persevere and listen, but when you’re a parent the kids do rule and I promise I’ll listen when it’s your turn. These stories both involve my daughter between the […]

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