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If It Works For You

 I’ve, kind of been neglecting head, because I’ve been trying to bring another story together, but right now all I have are disjointed scenes without a core. I hope it works out. So, today I’m thinking about stupid things that people have said to me, I guess in an effort to seem smart, and they didn’t […]

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Come Again????

Relationships. Relationships can be very difficult things to manage, especially when one person is keeping a secret. Take the situation of Mark and April. They have been dating for over a year, but Mark has a secret, a secret that April is just about to find out about. How will she take it? I don’t […]

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Call Me A Fag

Below is the best list  of profanities I could find. Now if you notice, the word “fag” is not among them and I don’t know why. I didn’t see it in any of the shorter lists I read either. I like the word fag. It’s fun sounding, and as far as connotation goes, I’d say […]

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This guy I know, Jack,  told his wife, after around ten years of marriage, about a sexual fantasy that he has, and it did not go well. He said that she did indulge him but then started thowing up afterwards. All he wanted her to do, it turns out was to suck on his toes […]

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