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Written By: Sy - Mar• 27•11

I don’t like mermaids. I just saw one in a movie and the scales and the fins with the hot bod don’t work for me. I mean where is her… and how do you?

I don’t know if I even want to think about it.

Instead I’ll just tell a joke

A man sees a friend of his walking down the street with a monkey on his back, so he asks his friend “Hey, where’d you get the monkey?”

His friend says “I found him in the tree in my yard, so I’m taking him to the zoo.”

A few days later this guy sees his friend again and his friend still has the monkey, so he says “I thought you took that monkey to the zoo.”

His friend says, “I did, we had a great time. Today we’re going to the beach.”

And on another note, don’t you think it’s about time Newfoundland changed it’s name?

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  1. psychodoodle says:

    tsk tsk.. i like mermaids.. always been fascinated with them… and why are YOU worrying about where and how? 😛 i’m sure the mermen have it all figured out and you, mere mortal, do not have to fret about it. ok i did a google search and i suggest you do the same. Start tying ‘How do mermaids’ and you get some pretty crazy stuff..
    was trying to post a link here, but couldn’t so see if you can find ‘How do mermaids reproduce? Conclusion’ on a site called SciForums.. It will help with the curiosity 😛

    • Sy says:

      i googled. couldn’t believe it. i thought mermaids were myth, but i found a mermaid escort service called Feel/Lay a fish, monthly pictorials called Scales & Tails and Sea Worthy, oh yeah, and one fish joke, what does a fish say when it runs into a wall? “dam”

      • psychodoodle says:

        haaa! 😀 you should expand on that comment and make it a post… At least the Feel/Lay a fish… I’m sure you could do it at home without having to outsource.. 😛

        • sy says:

          ok. i might, I’ll bet there is some weird fetish where guys want girls to dress like mermaids, why are guys so sick?
          i might do something from that angle, but I don’t really want to know if it’s true and if you look and find something, don’t tell me

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