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Missed Opportunities

Written By: Sy - Mar• 25•11

I ran into this girl at work who I haven’t seen for a while, we work in different departments, and it reminded me of a conversation that I had with her one time.

The actual conversation was just small talk, but at one point she told me that she gets up every morning with two strikes against her.

Now she didn’t say what the strikes were, but I’m looking at her and trying to figure it out. OK, she’s fat, so I know that that must one of the strikes she’s talking about, and she’s female so, well, you know how women get, so that could be the other one, and she’s black, so I guess she could mean that, or she could be talking about her bad attitude.

 So in my head I think, well I’ll just tell her if she lost some weight she can get the strikes down to one, because that’s the only one I’m sure of, but then I don’t say anything. Missed opportunity #1.

 Well, before her, I saw another girl who, the last time I saw her, was just as big as the first girl, but she has since lost all of her extra weight and she tells me that she did it on Jenny Craig. I ask her if  it was expensive, because I hear that food costs a lot, and she says no it wasn’t that bad. Immediately I think, of course you don’t think it was expensive because compared to how much you used to eat, it probably was a lot cheaper, but again I don’t say anything. Missed opportunity #2

 So, I did tell the first girl about my web site and she said she would check it out, and I’m hoping she does and I’m hoping she sees this and that she remembers the conversation, because I’m still curious about that second strike.


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  1. psychodoodle says:

    😀 tsk tsk… and “she’s female and you know how women get”?? 😛 pffft!!!

  2. Sy says:

    i know exactly what she meant. she meant because she’s a woman and she’s black. I’ve heard this before and I don’t like it, so I was giving her shit. But if i see her in the hallway again I’m keeping my distance until I’m sure she’s not going to try and smack me

  3. Sy says:

    oh and I wasn’t ignoring your pffft!!!! up there I was just trying to dodge it, but you caught me a little. ouch!

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