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The Mighty Domtar Vs The Playboy Pirates

Written By: Sy - Mar• 24•11

    Come in your jammies?” Domtar mockled at the Playboy Pirates.

  “Not jammies!” they prohisted. “Set yourselves on fire.” they croated in unison, then rushed the mercodiole.
Domtar leaped over the cripple rail and snatched the crown before they could even chundle up the first set of plines.
“Borath upon thou!” Domtar shouted at them, flashing the universal sign, just before disappearing through the left nod where Lopid and Rooster Two were waiting with the horses.
“Up mine.” Domtar laughed, twistling the crown in hand for his friends to see.
 “Kribbish.” Rooster two urged, “before the pirates can aloof us.”
 “Don’t wondle.” Domtar replied mandishly, “I stole their wrankers too.
 (OK, enough of that. Time for a cool water sandwich)
(Picture of Lewis Carrol, nothing to do with this story. read comments)

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  1. Sy says:

    I thought it would be fun to write a story with made-up nonsensical words

  2. psychodoodle says:

    I’m sure that’s exactly how Lewis Carroll felt. And I think this is the second time i mentioned him. I’m not judging.

  3. sy says:

    i know he wrote alice in wonderland, but i’ve never read it. i looked him up and he’s seen as being very influential. good looking guy too. i like the hair.
    I looked again, ok not that good looking, but I still like the buns

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