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Getting Crowded In Here

Written By: Sy - Mar• 23•11

Too many thoughts in here, so I’m just going to throw some out.

Today I heard (read) someone mention being a good witch, but I was hungry so I heard good-wich as in sandwich, and thought that that might be a good name for a sandwich shop, “The Good-wich.”

So then I decided to mention my idea for a line of  bras and panties called Boobytraps and Bootytraps.

Then I remembered looking at a package of Perdue chicken and thinking that Perdue could make a commercial with a couple of roosters standing around and checking out a long legged, plump breasted chicken, as she walked by and one of them saying “Oh yeah, she’s definitely Perdue-able” and the slogan would come up  “Only the finest chickens are Perdue-able.”

  There was something else, but now I forget. Guess I’ve freed enough memory.  I know the word “wholesome” strikes me as an oxymoron, but that wasn’t it and I know it wasn’t the idea for the herbal mini-muffins for the treatment of menstrual symptoms called Ragamuffins.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll remember later.


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