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Just Stuff

I don’t like mermaids. I just saw one in a movie and the scales and the fins with the hot bod don’t work for me. I mean where is her… and how do you? I don’t know if I even want to think about it. Instead I’ll just tell a joke A man sees a friend of […]

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Missed Opportunities

I ran into this girl at work who I haven’t seen for a while, we work in different departments, and it reminded me of a conversation that I had with her one time. The actual conversation was just small talk, but at one point she told me that she gets up every morning with two strikes […]

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The Mighty Domtar Vs The Playboy Pirates

    Come in your jammies?” Domtar mockled at the Playboy Pirates.   “Not jammies!” they prohisted. “Set yourselves on fire.” they croated in unison, then rushed the mercodiole.    Domtar leaped over the cripple rail and snatched the crown before they could even chundle up the first set of plines.   “Borath upon thou!” Domtar shouted […]

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Getting Crowded In Here

Too many thoughts in here, so I’m just going to throw some out. Today I heard (read) someone mention being a good witch, but I was hungry so I heard good-wich as in sandwich, and thought that that might be a good name for a sandwich shop, “The Good-wich.” So then I decided to mention […]

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Last week I went shopping in Sri Lanka. Well, on-line anyway. I like shopping on-line. One of the coolest things about the internet it is that you can shop anywhere in the world. I’ve shopped at the Vatican gift shop and I’ve bought sterling silver jewelry from a London jewelry store while watching tv at home, and now […]

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