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Words of Encouragement

I love blogging. I Think that it is a great way to connect with people.  Just yesterday, for instance, I was referred to as a “sarcastic biatch.”  How cool is that!!?   Anyway, I know a couple of guys who are kicking this idea around. One of them I told, “Why don’t you just guest head on my […]

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Our Dog/Wrigley – For the Animal Lovers

I was asked what kind of dog I have, so here is a picture of him. We believe he is a coon hound/beagle mix. Wrigley came to us with that name. He was on his way, at the age of 5mos, back to the shelter, because his owners could not handle him. They had a […]

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What The Heck

  I’ve had another blog besides this one for a couple of years. I don’t advertise it and only post things now and then.   It’s verses that I write and I have used a couple of them here, but there is a reason that I’m talking about it now.   I was about to use […]

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RPMSS&tBoQs Chapters 4 and 5

                                                    Chapter 4                                              Emitt Airhardt  Emitt Airhardt was a tall, broad-shouldered, physically imposing, and brilliant, inventor, with brown hair and angelic good looks. He was a visionary who had made billions of dollars in the food industry.  Emitt was now in his late forties and at the top of his game, a game […]

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Thought Poppin’

  Originally I called these “Random Thoughts,” but I’ve since noticed other bloggers using this term. So for now it’s thought poppin.   These are recent thoughts that have popped into my head and I haven’t been able to expand on them enough to do a complete commentary.   Shouldn’t lower back pain be a […]

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