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Can’t Say They Didn’t Try to Warn Me

Last year or so, I read an article about how the USPS is thinking about putting Hallmark card shops in post offices to try to make up a smidgen of the billions of dollars in lost revenue that they’ve incurred because nobody has that much of a need for their services anymore. So I figure I’ll […]

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I’m Excited

I know you can’t tell from looking at this panel, but I am. I am going to conclude the short story RPMS&tBoQs this weekend. I was looking at the drafts tonight and decided there isn’t enough left to spread out over two weeks. So, Saturday, probably around 9pm I will post chapters 8 & 9 and […]

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What’s In Your Can?

Double B-Day party at my house last night. Good Time. At one point of a conversation, someone said “it’s the thought that counts” and I say “only if people let it.” So we look at each other, hi-five, and he says he owns half of the remark. So,ok, Aaron, here’s your credit. So, then, 10:15pm rolls around […]

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RPMS&tBoQs, Chapts 6 & 7

                                                       Chapter 6                                                   The Invention      Emitt Airhardt needed inspiration. His first invention was, now, making other people wealthy. How could he hope to eclipse, or even match its success. The answer would come, as inspired ideas always do, suddenly and unexpectedly.  Emitt was walking to his car one evening, cell phone in hand, calling ahead […]

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Chapters 6 & 7

Well tonight chapters six and seven of  the Mary Slimship story are going up and then after that, we have three more to go. Hulking Harry’s Last stand next week and the two final chapters the week after.  Then it’s goodbye to the strange characters from Dipdrought.          Sy

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