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Marriage Isn’t for Everybody

Written By: Sy - Feb• 27•11

 I was watching another case about a man killing his wife on “Forensic Files.” This was his second wife.  He eventually confessed to killing his first one also.

 He tried to stage the murder as a suicide, but he shot her towards the back of her head then put the gun in her hand which was in her lap.

So first of all the bullet hole is in a weird place and also the woman has no blood backspray on her hand, so they know she couldn’t have been holding the weapon when it was fired.

  The husband’s alibi was that he was not home that night but went out with friends and then slept at his brother’s house.

 The problem with his alibi was that phone records showed that a cell phone call he made at around 1am, bounced off of a tower near his home.

 Now what call could be so important that you just had to make it, right before or after murdering your wife? I mean this guy was a successful dentist. He had to be smart enough to realize that that call could be traced.

  In his case, it turned out to be a call to their marriage counselor’s office. He left a message canceling their appointment for next day.

  Actually it was more like a follow-up call. He’d pretty much already canceled the appointment.

  I guess marriage just isn’t for everyone.


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  1. Sy says:

    ya know, I’m kind of addicted to these shows and I can’t believe how many people just casually kill others

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