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Marriage Isn’t for Everybody

 I was watching another case about a man killing his wife on “Forensic Files.” This was his second wife.  He eventually confessed to killing his first one also.  He tried to stage the murder as a suicide, but he shot her towards the back of her head then put the gun in her hand which was in […]

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Serving Suggestions and Lawyering

   I was putting groceries away last night and on the front of  a box of instant oatmeal there was a picture of the oatmeal in a bowl, and in small print it said “serving suggestion.”   Do they really need to label the picture? I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.   Maybe there’s a legal reason.  Maybe the company lawyers came up with a […]

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She Cried/I Feel So Violated

I made my sister cry by telling her a joke, and not just cry, but she started throwing a fit and accusing me of mocking her. Very strange. Apparently I had struck a nerve that I didn’t know was there. Now just for the record I would never do that to my sister. I know […]

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Chapter 10, Mary Mary, Quite Inconsolable

“A bag of quarters! A bag of quarters!” Mary called out, her crys issuing through the halls of the Oregon State Mental Hospital. “There she goes again.” Nurse Klein said, shaking her head. Nurse Polk glanced up from her paperwork and shook her head, “yeah she’s definitely lost it, I don’t think she’s going to […]

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RPMS&theBoQs Chapters 8 & 9

Chapter 8 Hulking Harry’s Last Stand Patrick was spending the evening at Mary’s house. Mary’s parents were out for the night and Mary wanted to impress Patrick with her cooking skills. Patrick sat in the living room watching TV while Mary bounced around the kitchen preparing food, humming and smiling as she went along. Outside […]

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