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Meditation or Masturbation?

  Studies on meditation have shown that it can help relieve stress, increase the sleep hormone melatonin, improve your posture,  improve your confidence and self control, alleviate some pain and enhance  physical enjoyment .  Unless you are a severe depressive or have a  psychotic illness, in which case it can make your condition worse.   Studies on masturbation have shown that it can lead to self […]

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Ridiculous? Nah!

Is this getting ridiculous or what? I’m sitting here streaming this movie called Frozen from Netflix, it’s after 12:30am, I have stuff to do tomorrow, but I refuse to go to sleep until I post. My mind has been on overdrive for almost two weeks and now, nothing, I mean, at all. Then thankfully, fate throws me […]

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Truth In Advertising

When my brother and I were still living at home I went into the bathroom and saw that he was using baking soda to brush his teeth. I was wondering if this stuff really worked so I decided to test it myself.  So I started to test it at least one time a day and I waited […]

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I'm Not Going to Make a Habit of This

I’m not going to make a habit of leaning on Daily Challenge for material for this panel, but  I have to say that when I saw today’s challenge my first thought was that it looks like it’s more of a challenge for her than it is for me. I’m not going to say that, though, because I try to not […]

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A Little Dark, Maybe

So, we’re sitting around the living room, faces in the laptops, as usual. My son doing homework, me playing Scrabble, my wife smirking about something, and the TV on, because you can never have enough distractions.  So out of somewhere comes the qoute about the pen being mightier than the sword.  So I quip, “sure, tell […]

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