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My wife’s brother, for some reason, wanted to talk about aliens, so he says to me, “you believe that the possibility exists that there are aliens, right?” I should have just said “yes,” but for some reason of my own I decided to be difficult, instead I said that I had no idea. So he […]

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   Late night, last night. One of the girls in our party had a really nice set and was wearing a tight, low cut top, nicely displaying her assets and it helped to make the evening a little more enjoyable.   Women don’t really have to do a lot to make men appreciate them, its the […]

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Feeling a Little Weird

  I have to admit, I’m feeling a little weird about yesterday’s post. I threw it down before I headed out the door, and now I’m not so sure  it worked.  It’s 2:03am, I was out tonight, I took tomorrow off and I just got home. So why am I posting? Because that post is still bothering me. I don’t […]

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Happy Birthday

Today I was in the shower and I was looking at the array of soaps and shampoos and god knows what else, that we have and was wondering why on earth we would need all of this stuff. With me I need only one thing, soap. I don’t care what it is or how it smells. […]

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Maybe I Need A Break

   I really shouldn’t be posting twice in one day, I’m going to burn myself out, in fact, maybe I’m already getting there. I’ll explain in a minute, but first I have to say, that if you like alcohol and haven’t tried that alcohol infused, flavored whipped cream, I highly recommend it, it’s 30proof and […]

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