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Wasn’t Anticipating That

Written By: Sy - Jan• 29•11

  So this morning I was making banana pancakes and it reminded me of another time I was making pancakes.

  There was this one morning I got up and had to have a pancake. I go to  the kitchen and whip up some pancake mix. I grab the first pancake out of the pan, butter and syrup it, “damn, that was good,” I go for the second one,  pour the syrup and “whoa.”

  The syrup is full of ants. These miniscule little ants that blended right in with the syrup.

  I guess that they’re like lemmings, they just keep following the one ahead of them, even to certain death. Those little fuckers ruined my breakfast.

  Or maybe they didn’t, I mean I didn’t notice them the first time so what the heck, but from now on I’m checking if I think about it.


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