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Call Me What You Want

Written By: Sy - Jan• 27•11

  The other morning, a friend of mine at work told me he saw this movie called “Open Water.”

  Well I’d already seen the movie and I told him that there was one thing that really bothered me about it and how I hoped that part wasn’t really true.

  This movie is about a young, fit couple (I have a reason for saying this) who get eaten by sharks after being left behind on a scuba diving excursion.

  Well, at the beginning of the movie, when this couple is in their hotel room, the girl gets into bed stark naked.  The guy thinks they are going to fool around, but instead she turns her back on him and says she’s not in the mood. Whaaaaat?

  All I could think about for the entire movie, after that scene, was that she wasn’t in the mood and then they got eaten by sharks, that she got into bed looking like she was completely in the mood, then said she wasn’t and then they got eaten by sharks, that their last day on earth she teased her boyfriend, then shut him down and then they got eaten by sharks.

  Call me what you want, but that’s what I was thinking.


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  1. It makes total sense. I’ve never watched it, but sounds terrible to deny sex to your boyfriend… and then get eat by a shark.

    • Sy says:

      If she hadn’t broadcast it, I wouldn’t have expected it, but…that’s what it looked like the scene was leading up to. forgot to mention, the movie was based on a real incident

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