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Ridiculous? Nah!

Written By: Sy - Jan• 08•11

Is this getting ridiculous or what? I’m sitting here streaming this movie called Frozen from Netflix, it’s after 12:30am, I have stuff to do tomorrow, but I refuse to go to sleep until I post.

My mind has been on overdrive for almost two weeks and now, nothing, I mean, at all.

Then thankfully, fate throws me a bone.

I see our Star Trek dvds by the tv. Not my thing. I’m not really a fan, but I think maybe I might like the movies better if they were a little trashier, like maybe if when they put their phasers on stun, the phasers projected 3d images of the most stunningly beautiful women that the adversary could imagine and they just stopped dead in their tracks and said “Wow”, then they killed them, and it worked everytime, or something along those lines, which then reminded me of one of my favorite jokes.

“What’s the difference between a gorgeous woman and a magic trick?”

“One of them is a cunning stunt.”

Finally, I got that out of the way, but now I still can’t go sleep, because this guy in the movie just fell from the stuck chairlift on the ski slope, in the middle of the night. Both of his legs are broken with the bones sticking out and he’s about to be attacked by a wolf. I gotta see this.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?


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