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Chapters Two an Three RPMSS&tBoQs

  Chapter 2 Hulking Harry Humbleton In a previous time, Hulking Harry Humbleton would have been a heartthrob. Harry was a six foot tall walking specimen of boring human perfection, classic good looks that had been done to death. The sandy blond hair, the finely chiseled muscles, puhleeease, could he be any more predictable? This […]

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Wasn’t Anticipating That

  So this morning I was making banana pancakes and it reminded me of another time I was making pancakes.   There was this one morning I got up and had to have a pancake. I go to  the kitchen and whip up some pancake mix. I grab the first pancake out of the pan, butter and […]

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Public Thoughts

These are just signs I’ve seen while driving. A help wanted sign that read “must speek spanish” A sign on a market that said “open even days” The “S” had fallen off the word seven. Then I saw a girl with one of those t-shirts that read “my face is up here” and has an […]

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Call Me What You Want

  The other morning, a friend of mine at work told me he saw this movie called “Open Water.”   Well I’d already seen the movie and I told him that there was one thing that really bothered me about it and how I hoped that part wasn’t really true.   This movie is about a young, fit […]

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Where’d I Go?

  Don’t know what’s going on today. I’m just brain dead. Don’t like the feeling.   The funniest thing I think I thought all day long was at a buffet when I picked up a serving spoon and thought, “what if this spoon doesn’t work for me? What if it turns out to be a […]

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