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On Irony

The “Head” likes TV, but understands that many people don’t. I know one such person. He reads all of the time and disdains even any mention of television shows, but he has no trouble telling you about the latest book he is reading, whether it be a trendy novel, biography or whatever. What I find ironic about this […]

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One Arm One Leg

   I have this idea for a sitcom, where this guy has only one arm and one leg, both on the same side of his body, but he’s the best babysitter in the world.   Now, this might not be a  popular premise at the moment, but I really think that the time is coming.            ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  “You know, […]

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On Bad Influences

  People are always trying to shield their children from bad influences. They don’t want them hanging out with other kids who have bad reputations. They monitor the movies their children watch so they don’t see any graphic sex or violence and they restrict and monitor their internet activities.   I just wonder why these same parents never say anything […]

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On Rod Blagojevich

  The “Head” was asked to say something about former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. So I’ll try.   In general, most people have a healthy mistrust of politicians and feel that it’s only a matter of time before their deceptive ways are exposed.   Blagojevich’s conduct, however, was even too blatant and arrogant for the […]

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Movie Violence

  Cartoon violence – hilarious. Graphic violence- disturbing.  “Who Dunnits”- Heinous act packaged under a cartoonish moniker, equals mass appeal, suitable for all age groups.   My mother was a big fan of this genre. She loved a good “murder mystery.”   I remember wondering about her when I was a kid, and she would […]

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