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Honesty is Usually Not the Policy, but…

In a recent newspaper article, some suburbs were a bit too honest when they said their red light cam revenues were disappointing.  They were low to begin with and had continued to drop. Other townships were happy with the anticipated drop in violations and said the cameras were doing their job. Maybe the ones who were […]

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Get In and Get Out

A while back I saw a documentary about hookers.  Some of them were relatively new to the profession, but some others had been in it for quite a while and were now starting to regret the path they had chosen. They felt as if they had wasted their lives and were afraid of what the future held for them. […]

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Sometimes It's the Little Things

        At the store today, I bought some smokey cheddar bacon spread. On the top of the container, it boasted “real bacon”. I threw it in the cart not giving it a second thought.   When I got home and was unpacking, it struck me that the package didn’t make any claims about the “cheese” being real. I […]

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Working with What You've Got

Sometimes people say they feel sorry for me. They think that since I’m just a head on a table, that I can’t even have a sex life. All I have to say about that is, of course I have a sex life. In fact I have a girl come in at least once a week […]

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Nothing to say, but talking anyway

               There’s a song out right now called “Stuck Like Glue” , I think , because they keep saying that line over and over again in the song, and I keep hearing it and it’s making me crazy. My wife sings it and I can’t go into the local corner store without hearing it being played on […]

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