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Coming Clean

 The other day someone said to me, “Head you can’t possibly be writing all of that stuff yourself, who’s helping you?” He found me out, but I couldn’t let him know, so I just smirked and didn’t say anything, but now, I think I should come clean.    Other people do help me. The first is […]

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Holy Wat…?

  This advice is a little late for Christmas, but it will be useful for you the next time you go to church. According to a recent article, you should bring your own bottle of holy water with you, because so few people wash their hands after going to the bathroom, that putting your fingers into a […]

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I’m Dreaming of a White Elephant Christmas

  We played the White Elephant game this year at Christmas, and one of the prepubescent female relatives opened her choice of gifts and found a set of nice handbags inside.   She was so happy. She sat on the sofa clutching them to her chest.   But that’s not the game. You’re not supposed to be […]

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STDs on New Years Eve

With all of the New Year’s Eve parties that are coming up, it’s a good time for everyone to be mindful of, and to take precautions to protect themselves from, these nasty STDs, so here we go.   1. Starting to Drink.  Take it slow and drink water in between your drinks, you still have a long night ahead […]

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Showing Compassion at Christmastime

                  According to  the catholic religion we’re all here because Adam ate that apple or “forbidden fruit,”  in the Garden of Eden.  Personally,  I think it’s because he fucked Eve. That apple thing never really made a lot of sense to me.   Now I know some of you might have thought that I was above this type […]

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