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On The Apocalypse

Written By: Sy - Dec• 30•10

I just want everyone to know that they can breathe easy. There definitely is not going to be an apocalypse in 2012.  I looked it up and all it is is religious scholars over the years recording their interpretations of archaic writings.

As we all know, religious scholars are just people who are telling us about what other people wrote. In school we called that doing a book report, and since it hasn’t already happened, it’s only fiction.

Then again, maybe I’m wrong, because that’s also around the time my car will finally be paid off and I plan on having my book finished, so it would be just my luck.


“Well, I hope that there is an Apocalypse.”

“Why, Darla?”

“Because that bitch, Brandy, has been talking to that cute guy I met at the gym.”

“And  she knows you like him. What a whore, I’m with you, I hope there’s an Apocalypse too, it would serve her right.”


by Sy

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