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I’m Dreaming of a White Elephant Christmas

Written By: Sy - Dec• 26•10

  We played the White Elephant game this year at Christmas, and one of the prepubescent female relatives opened her choice of gifts and found a set of nice handbags inside.

  She was so happy. She sat on the sofa clutching them to her chest.

  But that’s not the game. You’re not supposed to be happy with your White Elephant. So since we all have a chance to steal, when my turn came, I took them from her.

  Other family members, including the girls father, booed and called me names. Then one of the women stole the handbags from me,  just so she could give them back to the girl.

  So much for me trying to teach someone a valuable life lesson.

  That’s O.K., because I’ve already got next year planned, and I can’t wait.

   by Sy

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