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Movie Violence

Written By: Sy - Dec• 14•10

  Cartoon violence – hilarious. Graphic violence- disturbing.  “Who Dunnits”- Heinous act packaged under a cartoonish moniker, equals mass appeal, suitable for all age groups.

  My mother was a big fan of this genre. She loved a good “murder mystery.”

  I remember wondering about her when I was a kid, and she would say, “There’s a good movie on tonight, we’re going to watch it. It’s about murder.”

  Hey, that’s great mom. Anyone we know?


  “He’s missing the point. It’s not about murder, it’s about crime solving.”

  “It’s still about murder.”

  “You’re reading into it too much.”

  “Hey, guys forget about those drama shows. I saw this episode of “American Justice”, where this man shot his adult daughter 23 times because he didn’t want her to date, then told the police that the gun went off by accident.”

  “You’re kidding. God, that’s…”

  “I know, that’s really sick.”

  “No, I was gonna say, “That’s entertainment!”

                                         by Sy

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