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My Never Before Published Barrack O’Bama Cartoon

Written By: Sy - Dec• 12•10

Well, now we have our first  “black” President-Elect in Barrack O’bama, and I think, why does that make a difference?

Why should the race or even the gender of the president matter at all?

But, then I think about it again, and have to admit that it does. I mean, it would definitely seem weird to me if the president were “Chinese”.


“Hey, Leroy. What do you think? Would you vote for a “Chinese” president?”

“That’s a stupid question.  I’m not going to answer it.”

“Why is it a stupid question? Would you vote for a “Chinese”  president?”

“It’s a stupid question, because you don’t vote for a candidate based on race. You vote based on their politics, based on their track record. It’s like MLK said. “I look to a day when a man is judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of  his character.”

“So am I, and I guess we’re still waiting.”

by Sy

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