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On TV Court Showst

Written By: Sy - Dec• 04•10

  I love when these tv show judges get on their moral high horses because,  honestly,  just the fact that they have a tv show is a constant reminder that public servants will never stop looking for ways to make an extra buck off of their public service.

  Also, I think that you condone behavior through your own behavior and the way Judge Judy calls people “morons”, sends a clear message that she condones a world where name calling is appropriate behavior.  This is a pretty childish way to conduct yourself and in her case reduces the term  “postive female role model” to an oxymoron.


  “I, don’t watch Judy, but on The People’s Court, I like when Judge Milian jokes with Douglas, because you know all he’s really thinking is how much he wants to “boink” her.”

 “I’m not so sure about that. I kind of think that being around a woman who gives her opinion all day long and is always right, would be a turn-off.”

  “You’re right, he’s probably only thinking that when she’s not talking.”

                                                                               by Sy

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