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A Parting Holiday Shot

  I guess we never really grow up, because you know how you buy your kids all of these nice gifts and then all they want to do is play with the box?   Well, my wife bought me some really nice gifts, but at the end of the night, it  turns out that that’s all […]

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I Was Only Trying to Help

A guy I used to work with confided in me that his father was verbally abusive to him when he was in his teens, not before and not to his siblings. Only during that time and only to him. He said that his father never had a good word to say about him and it was […]

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A Dreamer Among Fools

I am but a dreamer in a city full of fools we don’t know where we’re going and we’re not sure what to do The fools all come to talk with me They ask me for advice but I’ve told them once a million times and then I’ve told them twice I am just a dreamer […]

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On The Apocalypse

I just want everyone to know that they can breathe easy. There definitely is not going to be an apocalypse in 2012.  I looked it up and all it is is religious scholars over the years recording their interpretations of archaic writings. As we all know, religious scholars are just people who are telling us […]

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Don't Threaten Me

      One of the threats I don’t get is, “I’m going to rip off your head and shit down your throat.”    The first part I get, but the second part is just overkill. It would make much more sense to say, “I’m going to shit down your throat, then rip your head off, because as horrifying as […]

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