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On Advice

   There are different types of advice. There is good advice like “Save for a rainy day”. There is bad advice like “Tell her the truth, she’ll understand”, and there is also well intentioned advice like “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade”.    I guess this is alright advice if your problems can merely be […]

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Listens to a Call-In Doctor Show

 “Our next caller is Mark from Kenosha. Welcome to the show Mark, what is your question?” “Hello, Dr Blogz, thanks for taking my call. I’m very concerned about something that happened the other day. I was just talking to my wife, the woman I love more than life itself, when suddenly my right hand leapt […]

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Hillbilly Sitcom

     ” Hey Carla Mae, did you hear that Belinda Sue has another “bun in the oven”?”    “She’s pregnant again?  Heck she can’t even afford to feed the young-uns she got now.“   “I know, but she says it’s part of one of those new fangled city diets.”   “What kind of diet is that?”   […]

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