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Loves a Good Steak

I love a good steak.  Aged, rubbed, seared and rested. I think the best thing about a good steak is that it’s the perfect vehicle for ketchup, but don’t waste the steak. Cut it into thin slices then ribbon the ketchup on at least two layers high. Perfect. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// “He’s not kidding. I’ve seen him […]

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Super Heroes and GLAAD Rap

        If the music business had a gay rap genre it would have to be called  “GLAAD Rap”.        Also, can I be the only one to notice that the cartoon character “Speed Racer” comes from a country whose people are stereotyped as being nortoriously slow drivers?         That does make sense, however, since our heroes always […]

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Reviews the movie “Inception”

                                      Finally, a movie with a life changing message. For years I’ve lived my life exactly like this movie, whereas I would go to sleep and hope that when I woke up all of my problems would be solved. Or at least biggest ones. Now, thanks to Chris Nolan, I know why this has never worked. As it was […]

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On The Afterlife

                              The other day I was watching this movie where, in the beginning, a woman dies of cancer, then towards the end of the movie she appears to her husband in their bedroom, she sits down on the bed and actually starts to hug him. Then, just as he returns her caress, she stands up […]

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On Collecting

        It’s not that I don’t understand collecting in general.  I understand some things have value or are a part of history. I just don’t understand collecting a bunch of junk just for the heck of it, like, say you like elephants so you just collect things with pictures of elephants, or you like dragonflies, […]

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