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On Wisdom/You sucked it, it's yours

Written By: Sy - Nov• 30•10

  There is a saying that goes “You can do a thousand good deeds, but get caught sucking one dick, and you will always be remembered as a “cocksucker” before anything else.

  But, it doesn’t have to be an actual dick, it can be any act that shows people you lack character.

  Get caught stealing, that’s your dick, you sucked it. Lieing is another, betraying someone’s trust, still another, and everytime people look at you, the first thing they will see is that dick hanging out of your mouth as limp as your value system.


  “But. I didn’t mean to lie to you, it was an accident.”

  “Pathetic excuses are dicks.”

  “But, I was afraid you’d never trust me again if you found out the truth.”

  “Cowardly lieing is even a bigger dick.”

  “But, but.”

  “You know what, just answer me one question honestly, if you can. How do you even keep talking with all of those dicks in your mouth?”

  “It’s a talent I inherited. It runs in my family.”

  “So, you don’t take responsibility for anything, do you?”

              by Sy

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  1. psychodoodle says:

    I LIKE! read most of your posts and i can safely say that i like your writing right back… 🙂 and i can see why you liked mine…

    • Sy says:

      I like what I do too, but your vocabulary is broader than mine and your use is better, your writing is warmer and reflects life, while mine is always outside, looking in (Boo Hoo).
      Doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings, only means I’m less comfortable using them as vehicle for expression, but I’m working on that, I think.

      • psychodoodle says:

        i think you’re doing just finer without needing to stretch your vocab; the best writing is simple and short, and it’s not easy doing that, most go on and on trying to say what they mean (like yours truly). Do you want your writing to be warm and reflect life?? Sounds boring. Your writing is wicked, down-to-earth, a bit crude, probably blasphemous and funny. It can make people laugh. That’s your style. Perfect that (and ensure your place in hell). Don’t change.

    • And now I totally get why you asked me to check this blog out! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Another psycho! 😀

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