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Paying My Dues on Thanksgiving

Written By: Sy - Nov• 25•10

   Finally, I finished my shopping for Thanksgiving. I just got back from the supermarket with five pounds of hamburger,  5 pounds of hot dogs, six packages of buns, a ten pound box of rib tips. Three pounds each of potato salad, cole slaw and macaroni salad, a few bags of chips, paper plates, napkins, barbeque sauce, pickles, two kinds of cheese and a half-sheet cake, that I ordered ahead of time, that has chocolate frosting and in big, bold letters across the top is written “THANKS FOR COMING” in white frosting. 

  Now, I can’t tell you how many people asked me what I was shopping for and how many more just stared at me in the aisles and the check-out line.

   Call me eccentric if you will, but I only do this so people will stare and wonder why I’m not following the pack. The reason for this is, I realize that you have to suffer if you expect to create great art and I’m only trying to pay my dues.


  “Look, we need a palate cleanser on this one. This has got to be the worst commentary I’ve ever heard from this guy.”

  ” Shoot, what’ve you got?”

  “Um, let’s see. I know. “How does a vegetarian ask for a favor?””

  “I don’t know, how?”

  “Come on man, do me a salad.”

  “Works for me, let’s eat.”

                                                                        by Sy



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