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Super Heroes and GLAAD Rap

Written By: Sy - Nov• 24•10

        If the music business had a gay rap genre it would have to be called  “GLAAD Rap”.

       Also, can I be the only one to notice that the cartoon character “Speed Racer” comes from a country whose people are stereotyped as being nortoriously slow drivers?

        That does make sense, however, since our heroes always have abilities that we either envy, strive toward or know are impossible to attain.


     “So what does it say about me if my favorite super hero is Superman?”

    “It means that you’re indecisive. You can’t decide on which superpower you want.”

    “What if it’s the Fantastic Four?”

    “Well, then, either you’re into foursomes or you’re too insecure to be a lone super hero.”

    “What if my favorite hero is Robin?”

    “Then you’re definitely into GLAAD Rap.”

                                                                                  by Sy

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