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On Gay People

Written By: Sy - Nov• 20•10

   Gay people have this practice called  “Coming Out” where they  “confess” to straight people that they are “gay” and hope that they will be forgiven, or something like that.

   I’m not really sure why they do it, but apparently they are guilt ridden about something and feel it should be everyone elses problem too. Like everyone doesn’t already have enough of their own problems.

  I don’t object to this practice, but I don’t like the fact that they call their “lifestyle” a “culture”. I think that to be a legitimate culture you, at least, have to have your own cuisine.


   “But, like every other culture we do have an annual parade featuring flamboyant dancing and colorful costumes.”

   “Um, Josh, I wouldn’t say your parade is exactly like every other culture’s”

   “Look, I’m just trying to find some common ground so we can relate to each other. If we’re going to get along we need to embrace our similarities.”

   “Josh, if we’re going to get along, I think you need to keep your hands off of my similarities.”

                                                                                by Sy

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