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One For The Ladies

Written By: Sy - Nov• 16•10

You know how women are always saying that they can’t win. That they’re second class citizens and how they lament the fact that guys are always judging them by the size of their breasts.

Well, I was thinking, what if  you could tell a man’s age by looking at his penis (don’t ask me for specifics) and it became a legal form of ID. How many female bartenders would take advantage of this. Like they would look at a some guys drivers license and say, “I know your DL says you’re 22 but you don’t look 22, let me see your real identification.”

And how many guys would continually rely on the same buddies to pick up the beer. “Hey Mike could you get the beer for the game, I’d do it but I got a lot of other stuff I gotta do.”

What a great idea this is, this could be major motion picture, a TV series.

Only kidding, this idea actually, barely qualifies for this panel. I was just trying to fill some space (that’s what she said). Sorry, had to do it. I guess you women are right. You can’t win. Well, except in divorce court that is. Know what, I better just shut up.

by Sy

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  1. Rat says:

    So much better looking John,keep it up.

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