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There are Variations in Color, but…

Written By: Sy - Jun• 30•16






                                                      Inside we’re all the same  










Poly Wants to Crack Her

Written By: Sy - Jun• 06•16

I know a girl who took a polygraph test and she said a parrot asked the questions.

My Brain Hurts Just Thinking About It

Written By: Sy - May• 19•15

HEAD15It used to amaze me how game shows could constantly come up with so many questions to ask contestants until I had a conversation with a seven year old.

Here’s What’s Shakin’

Written By: Sy - May• 15•15

Marvel is introducing a female Thor.  I suppose she’ll be the Goddess of Thunder Thighs.

Always Happens When You’re In a Hurry

Written By: Sy - May• 02•15

I was in a big hurry one day, took a wrong route and ended up stuck in traffic going to a Chicago Cub’s game. Just my luck to get held up by a funeral procession.

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